THANK YOU for helping to plan your community!
Your input in this survey will be used to guide a masterplan for the future of Little Havana, including transportation, parks and open space, new infill development, and adaptive reuse of existing buildings.
It will take you approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete this survey.

Little Havana is a neighborhood in transition, what elements would you like to see maintained and reinvested in into the future?

What are your favorite places in Little Havana (i.e. cultural centers, local businesses, churches, etc.)?

Please indicate why {{answer_46586451}}  matter(s) to you.

What elements of the physical environment do you think are missing in Little Havana that you would like to see incorporated into the area?

Which streets in Little Havana do you think need improvement?

Name of street:

What are the issues with {{answer_46702603}}?

Add another one?

Name of street:

What are the issues with {{answer_46703330}} ?

Add another one?

Name of street:

What are the issues with {{answer_46703413}} ?

Add another one?

Name of street:

What are the issues with {{answer_46703690}} ?

Add another one?

Name of street:

What are the issues with {{answer_46703717}} ?

Which of the following best describes your connection to Little Havana?

Whether you live, work, or play in Little Havana, how long have you been connected to the neighborhood?

Is Little Havana a place you can easily walk or bike in?

What makes it difficult to walk or bike?

Do you access local businesses by walking and/or bicycling?

Would you visit more local businesses if sidewalks and bike facilities were safer and more reliable?

What would entice you to walk or bike to local businesses?

What is your primary mode of transportation?

Do you ride transit?

What would make it easier and/or more enjoyable to ride transit?

What changes need to happen for you to consider riding transit?

Tell us a little about yourself

Your name and your email address will ensure that each person fills out the survey only once.  This helps to keep the survey fair.

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Your address and telephone number are optional.

We ask for this information to better understand the top priorities for Little Havana and to help us stay in touch with you as we evolve the masterplan.
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Postal / zip code?

What is your phone number?

What is your age range?

Do you have children living with you?

How would you rate your health?

Do you have any additional comments and/or suggestions?

Would you like to stay informed about the progress of the Master Plan for Little Havana and other Live Healthy Little Havana activities?

Thank you for your time, {{answer_46582529}}!
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